Development Name
Action Property Pte. Ltd
Registration No
1 Sunview Road, Singapore 627615 (District 22)

Property Type
Proposed  Multiple-User  Light  Industrial  Development  comprising  of  a Block of 9-Storey Factory Building (424 Factory Units with Mezzanine Floor),  temporary  staff  canteen  (1  Unit)  [Total  425  Units]  and  other ancillary facilities on LOT 04596N MK06 at Sunview Road (Boon Lay Planning Area)
Leasehold Estate 30 years wef 25 January 2013
Site Area
28,173 sqm / Approximate 303,252 sqft
No. Of Units
424 Production Units + 1 Ancillary Canteen

Estimated T.O.P.
31st December 2018
Legal Completion
31st December 2021
Unit Types
47 units production with mezzanine floor (1st storey)-215m2 to 232m2
304 units production with mezzanine floor (typical storey)-215m2 to 242m2
73 production units with lower (8th) and upper  (9th) storey w/mezzanine floor-207m2
1 unit ancillary staff canteen-436m2

Car Park Lots
421 lots of conventional car park, 23 lots of handicapped car park and
760 lots of lorry park ,5 lots of 40’ container park

No. of Lifts
Goods Lifts-4
Passenger Lifts (Inclusive of 4 Fire-fighting Lifts)-4
Recreational Facilities
Gymnasium, Basketball Court, Game Court, Swimming Pool and
Landscaped decks

Generally, for clean and LIGHT INDUSTR


a. The factory shall not generate air and water pollution as well as noise and smell nuisance that can affect neighbouring premises

b. The factory shall not use large quantities of hazardous substances such as solvents,  acids and other chemicals

c. The factory shall not generate large quantities of trade effluent or solid waste

d.The factory shall not use equipment burning solid or fuel oil. Boilers using diesel (0.05%S) and heating equipment such as furnaces, ovens and autoclaves using gaseous fuel or electricity may be allowed

● In simple terms, it means the processes carried on or the machinery installed are such as can be installed in any residential area without detriment to the amenity of the area by reason of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, soot, ash, dust or grit.

● The premises have to comply with the URA’s 60:40 Rule:
– At least 60% of the gross floor area (GFA) is to be used for the predominant industrial or warehouse activities (E.g. manufacturing, assembly, research & development and warehouse)
– the other 40% of the GFA may be used as ancillary offices, staff canteen and communal facilities. Ancillary use is the secondary usage to support the predominant usage.
– The types of industrial and ancillary uses that may be allowed are subject to the evaluation of the
competent authority and other relevant authorities.

Food industries:

01)  Packing of dried foodstuff, blending of food ingredients, bottling of syrups/cordial juice.
02)  Packing and bottling of medicinal herbs and medicated oil.


01)  Research & Development involving small quantities of chemicals.
02)  Biotechnology.
03)  Manufacture of made-up textile goods (except wearing apparel)
without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
04)  Knitting mills without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing operations.
05)  Manufacture of carpets and rugs without dyeing, bleaching and/or other finishing products.
06)  Manufacture of wearing apparel (except footwear)
without dyeing and/or bleaching operations.
07)  Manufacture of footwear, except for those made of plastic or vulcanised or moulded rubber.
08)  Manufacture of products of leather and leather substitutes, except footwear and wearing apparel.
09)  Printing, publishing and allied industries.
10)  Mould-making without metal stamping, etching or electroplating.
11)  Manufacture of plastic products, not elsewhere classified.
12)  Manufacture of containers and boxes of paperboard.
13)  Manufacture of paper products also involving printing activities without pulping works or bleaching operations.
14)  Manufacture of aluminium window frames and grills from aluminium extrusions  without spray-painting operations.
15)  Servicing and refilling of fire extinguishers.

Other light industries are generally compatible to food industries. The food industries to be sited adjacent to light industries shall not give rise to any emissions that may affect the activities of the light industries

01 Software design and development

02 Product/ prototype design, industrial and engineering design.

03 Fashion designing.

04 Manufacture of polyethylene products (not involving printing operation).


Location Plan